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Book 1 of the Claire Ockham series

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Strange Way to Spend a Tuesday


Reviews for this book that we'd like to have 

I wish I'd been able to read this book in January 2020. It would have saved the back of so many envelopes from being written on.

Mal Rancock

East Anglia

Um, well, as they say in Latin 'numquam cogitavi ego have ut actu aliquid momenti'

which means 'I never thought I'd actually have to do anything important'.

Horace Monston

 Anywhere he can get a freebie holiday

I'm not sure I can believe what's in this book. It doesn't fit with the computer models.

Bill Berguson


In The Press

Claire Ockham and Jac Cuse


About Claire Ockham

Strange Way to Spend a Tuesday is the first of the Claire Ockham medical fiction books.

Dr Ockham is a consultant in intensive care and anaesthetics. The book depicts the madness, incompetence, inefficiency and occasional excellence of life in the modern NHS.

About Jac Cuse

The author is a consultant who has worked in the NHS for many years, and would like to continue to do so for a few more. The name Jac Cuse is therefore a pseudonym...


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